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Greetings friends, sunt Cezara și vă invit să aflați despre mine din categoriile aferente profilului căt și din poeziile/ prozele pe care le citiți pe blog. :) De asemenea, pe blog o să întâlniți atât poezii/ proze propri cât și poze, melodii, videoclipuri sau creații realizate de alte persoane. Cheers!

26 septembrie, 2016

Wired Alleys

We've been groping in the dark for the signs
Crawling down the alley with a shiver ran down our spines,
And we saw nothing but them, those metallic eyes pursue in mayhem.

In a never-ending circle we hide in places without color,
Shielding ourselves and thoughts against this sheer terror.

We feed our mind with less than hopeless lies
By letting our breath be drained through their waves and wires,
But we must keep our sight 'till the soul will break the night.

In a never-ending circle we own this war to bear,
Fighting against the mechanical eyes for those to whom we care.

 Every glimpse they make force us to don't feel at ease.
They will not shut down until everyone of us will seize
And crave for dark cities with wired alleys.

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